Raymond Pettibon Book Catalog
Conceptual Student Work @ Drexel
"The Underbelly Artist"
​​​​​The Raymond Pettibon Artist Catalog evokes the feeling of the artist's punk and freeform work. Pettibon’s work often includes pen and ink illustrations paired with subconscious thoughts that come to his mind. His handwritten element of his work became a strong motif throughout the catalog as pieces of Pettibon's typographic work and inkblots are broken apart and layered together alongside articles about his process.

2020 GDUSA Graphic Design Award
2020 Creativity International Design & Advertising Award, Bronze

Book Design
Create an artist catalog that feels unique to Pettibon with a unique use of grid, layered images, and special print features.
Design and comp a book with two saddle-stitched inserts that highlight specific pieces of Pettibon's work and quotes about his process. Each page utilizes the three-column grid in a different way, but fits the overall system. The book is meant to not feel so reverent, but in line with the work and attitude of the artwork.
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